Millionaire's Club

The country club of the internet.

Imagine an exclusive mobile society. Millionaire's Club is a realtime feed that spans every possible topic of discussion.

Is Millionaire's Club a joke? You decide. Join the club for only $199.

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  • “ The friendships I've made on Millionaire's Club are truly priceless. ”
  • “ I love seeing what everyone's up to at any given time. ”
  • “ Millionaire's Club is a special community. ”


Millionaire's Club is exclusive by design. Most people won't pay $200 to be a part of an virtual society, and most people won't join Millionaire's Club. Millionaire's Club incorporates the warm, inclusive feeling of an exclusive society directly into your iphone.


Real Time

Watch the stream of photos and dialogue stream in as they happen. Millionaire's Club doesn't require pull to refresh, and no history is saved. Being a part of a discussion in Millionaire's Club means witnessing something special and rare.


A Universe of Topics

In the Millionaire's Club topic browser, dialogue appears as soon as you add a new letter. From cities, to dog breeds, to secret keywords, Millionaire's club has a discussion for every topic that can be described in english (and then some).